Miami New Times

Former marketing man Andy Herrera opened this minuscule bakery along southbound Palmetto Expressway (5804 W. 20th Ave., 305-273-2362) three months ago, and already it’s a favorite. He picked up his skills from his father, who worked in commercial kitchens doing catering gigs and filling up the rickety lunch trucks that sustain the city’s construction workers.

Herrera offers ultra-flaky versions of all of your favorite pastelitos (75 cents), along with some more interesting varieties stuffed with ground beef and sweet plantains or Nutella and sweet, creamy cheese ($1). There’s also a brief list of the neighborhood’s favorite sandwiches, along with the tongue-in-cheek Supermeng ($7.99). The hero of Hialeah piles shredded steak, chopped onions, American cheese, and fried eggs onto a Cuban roll. Prepare for the glory of a stomachache.